Plugins (Non-Commercial Use)

These Terms of Use outline the conditions for using the RPG Maker MV plugins on this site.

By using the plugins in your projects, you agree to the Terms of Use.

This applies to all plugins in the RMMV Plugins section.

Non-commercial Terms of Use

All plugins are free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC).

This means that the plugins can be used in non-commercial projects only.

General Use Terms and Conditions

As a general rule, plugins cannot be distributed, translated or re-purposed without my permission, notwithstanding the CC BY-NC license.

If asked, however, I will usually allow distribution and translation, but the only thing I ask is that I’m made aware of where it’s being distributed so I can put a reciprocal link on the RPG Maker Times Network. The list of permitted distribution/recirculation websites will then be updated accordingly.

At present, the only websites permitted to distribute the scripts/scriptlets are the RPG Maker Times and RPG Maker Times Companion blogsites.


A small credit to either "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" is required somewhere in the project.