QEngine Update: Conversion Progress

Most of today (after sleep) I’ll be working on the QEngine MV plugin as it transitions out of Private Beta some time this month.

Also being integrated are many of my other plugins to make use of the new functions and features that the QEngine offers. This is an ongoing process at the moment for the plugins I’ve already written and will be a template for future plugins I might write.

Existing plugins will still be available as separate downloads, but I won’t update them; they’ll remain as they are. Instead, the QEngine dependent ones will become the updated versions. And I’ll continue this trend for my future plugins.

Eventually, I’ll video showcase them too, providing lists of features and basic usage tutorials.

This is what’s completed so far:

  • QEngine – The main engine (functional but not complete).
  • Extra Message Codes – Adds extra character codes to messages, such as age, gender and statuses of other plugins.
  • Map Compass HUD – Displays compass points in a window on the map so players can see the direction traveled in.
  • Title Screen Add-On – Adds a lot of additional features to the main title screen, including changing the font of the title font, added commands (like Website), and more.

I’m not sure exactly WHEN all of this will be officially released, but it WILL be some time this month, especially the QEngine!

More updates on the blog soon.

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