Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images

Notice: This plugin is being reworked and will be again available soon! Some of the information below is, therefore, slightly out-of-date and inaccurate.

UNAVAILABLE The Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images plugin displays random Title Screen, Game Over and Loading screen images.

This plugin originally comprised three separate plugins that merged into one, as it made more sense to do so.

Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images PluginMain FeaturesUsage InstructionsVideo DemoUpdate LogPersonal NotesCompatibility Issues/Known BugsDownloadFuture UpdatesTerms of Use
Version: 1.0
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMMV
Script Type: Plugin
Required: None
Filesize: 4 Kb
File Format: ZIP/JS
Release Date: v1.0 25 June 2016
Last Update: 17 June 2016
With the Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images Plugin plugin, each of the following can be randomized:

  • Title Screen
  • Loading Screens
  • Game Over Screens

Each of these can be toggled on/off in the Plugin Manager options.

All options can be toggled on/off to your preferences in the Plugin Manager.

Images must be named in sequence: Loading1, Loading2, Title1, Title2, GameOver1, GameOver2, etc. All images are in the System folder.

The more images you have the more "randomized" they’ll be.

This is a video of the plugin in action, though only the Title and Game Overs screen.

Note: This log is out-of-date because I changed the way I update. This’ll be updated later. For an up-to-date version of this log, you can view it in the JS file from within the downloaded ZIP file.

Version.Update.Bug Fix/Tweak

  • v1.0.0 (25-Jun-2016)
       –RELEASE: Version 1.0 (Public)
  • v0.5.6 (17-Jun-2016)
       –TWEAK: Truncate and alias Randomize Loading Images function
       –BUG FIX: Options to toggle On/Off always ‘true’
  • v0.5.4 (03-May-2016)
       –BUG FIX: Random images use defaults if the random number is 0 or greater than the number of images defined in section parameters
       –TWEAK: Truncate if/else statements
       –BUG FIX: Random Title image not appearing
       –TWEAK: Reconstruct coding for better optimisation
       –ADD: Parameter options to turn each part On/Off
       –ADD: Randomize Game Over Images
       –ADD: Randomize Title Images
       –ADD: Randomize Loading Images
       –Create plugin (basically a rewrite of all three existing plugins)
This plugin originally comprised three separate ones, but it made more sense to merge them into a single plugin for public release rather than three. Thus, they’re logically all in one convenient file, with options to toggle each section on/off.

The Randomize Loading… Image plugin was originally written specifically for The Adventures of Tryggr. It was released as a simple plugin when development on Otherworld officially began in RMMV. It has since been updated and improved upon, though it has not been updated on the blog.

The Randomize Title Screen Bg plugin was going to be integrated into my Title Screen Add-On plugin, but I decided last minute not to include it and wrote it as a separate plugin.

The Randomize Game Over Bg plugin was first inspired by the Randomize Loading… Image plugin specifically for the multiple endings in Otherworld, where it was tweaked for the purposes of the game. It’s been stripped for this plugin, with the irrelevant, game-exclusive parts removed.

There shouldn’t be compatibility issues. However, the bugs still present in the separate plugins have been fixed in this plugin, although there may still be some I’ve overlooked or haven’t found.
Download the ZIP file and extract CW_RandomizeTiLoGoImages.js directly into the JS folder in your RMMV project. Be sure to read the Terms of Use file as well.
The Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images plugin is currently not available for download.
Although I have no immediate plans to update the plugin, it may be expanded at a future date.
You are free to use this in non-commercial projects, but please refer to the RMMV Plugins Terms of Use for other details, including commercial use.

Credit "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if using this plugin in your projects.