֎ Mature Content Option Plugin

AVAILABLE Have you ever wanted the option for players to turn mature or adult content ON or OFF? Now you can with my Mature Content Option plugin. In the Options window, it can be toggled on the Title Screen or in-game and alternative mature/non-mature options can be set with conditional branch event commands.

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Version: 1.0
Author: Companion Wulf
Platform: RMMV
Script Type: Plugin/Enhancement
Required: None
Fileseze: 3.1 Kb
File Format: ZIP/JS
Release Date: v1.0 – 17 January 2017
Last Update: 17 January 2017
The main purpose of the Mature Content Option plugin is to provide alternative options for those who don’t want mature or adult content (such as references to sex, drugs or other potentially sensitive subject matter).

It can be toggled ON or OFF on the Title Screen or in-game.

Mature Content Option Plugin
Mature Content Option Plugin
To use, create a Conditional Branch with the Script option selected and the "Create Else Branch" checked. Paste the following in the Script textbox:




This will check if mature content is toggled on or off and display the appropriate contents.

As an example:

	 If: Script: $mature.matureContent()
	 	Text : None, Window, Bottom
	 	: Mature Content ON
	 : Else
	 	Text : None, Window, Bottom
	 	: Mature Content OFF
	 : End

And in scripts, you can use:

 	if (ConfigManager.matureContent) {
		// Mature Content ON
 	} else {
		// Mature Content OFF

Both $mature.matureContent() and ConfigManager.matureContent are interchangable. You can use one or both, although I’d recommend using one and sticking to it throughout.

You can use this almost anywhere that you want the mature content or to add an alternative if it’s turned off.

Note: For an up-to-date version of this log, you can view the CW_MatureContent Version History.txt from within the downloaded ZIP file.
This plugin was originally written for Otherworld: Origins, intended as a game-exclusive plugin. The idea was that, due to the nature of the game, adult references and sensitive content could be enabled or disabled according to preference.

However, it was never finished, mostly because (at the time) I still didn’t know how how RMMV’s JS framework was structured. I finished it and rewrote it for v1.3+ and decided to publicly release it to those who need or want it in their games.

The plugin must be installed in RMMV’s Plugin Manager to run. All of the settings can be changed in the Parameters section.

There are no additional plugin settings to change.

There shouldn’t be compatibility issues.
Download the CW_MatureContent ZIP file and extract CW_MatureContent.js file directly into the Plugins folder (under JS) in your RMMV project.
At the moment, I have no plans to update this further.