MV Plugins

These are all the RPG Maker MV plugins I’ve written.

They’re considered as "complete" plugins, notwithstanding any future updates to them, and are ready to install and use.

Not included here are smaller plugins (pluginlets as I affectionately call them), old or out-of-date plugins and script/code tutorials.

Notice: Most of these are being reworked (some rewritten), so downloads aren’t available yet! For those that are available, they’ve been marked (temporarily) with a ֎ symbol to help keep track.
RMMV Plugin - Message Codes

Extra Message Codes Plugin

UNAVAILABLE The Extra Message Codes plugin provides a few extra control characters for message windows. This isn’t a replacement message system, it simply adds functions to the message box. I …
Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images Plugin

Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images

UNAVAILABLE The Randomize Title/Loading/Game Over Images plugin displays random Title Screen, Game Over and Loading screen images. This plugin originally comprised three separate plugins that merged into one, as it …
Currency Formatter Plugin

֎ Currency Formatter Plugin

AVAILABLE The Currency Formatter plugin rewrites the currency into a much cleaner, neater and more readable format, especially with larger numbers, thus 100000 is shown as 100,000. Or you can use suffixes instead, so 1,000 becomes 1k and 1,000,000 becomes 1m. This works in shops too!
Map Compass HUD Plugin

֎ Map Compass HUD Plugin

AVAILABLE The Map/Compass HUD plugin displays a window on the map showing the map name, compass/direction and player coordinates, each of which can be toggled on or off.
Social Media Buttons Plugin

֎ Social Media Buttons Plugin

The Social Media Buttons Plugin enables you to display social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and your project Website) on the Title Screen, each of which opens the corresponding …
Title Screen Add-On RMMV Plugin

֎ Title Screen Add-On Plugin

AVAILABLE The Title Screen Add-On plugin adds several features to the Title Screen (as the title suggests). The latest version has been rewritten to accommodate some of the new features, such as Splash Screen, and to make provision for my Q-Engine Core plugin (released later this year).
Mature Content Option Plugin

֎ Mature Content Option Plugin

AVAILABLE Have you ever wanted the option for players to turn mature or adult content ON or OFF? Now you can with my Mature Content Option plugin. In the Options window, it can be toggled on the Title Screen or in-game and alternative mature/non-mature options can be set with conditional branch event commands.