Development Has Started!

The RPG Maker MV Plugins & Resources website is starting to take shape. It’s a slow process, but progress is – and will be – made nevertheless.


The first section is the Plugins, which contains all of the plugins I’ve written.

I’m rewriting most of them and updating some of them, so most have no download links or are simply placeholders. The exception is the Map Compass HUD plugin.

I’d like to keep the plugins up-to-date, so have restructured the naming conventions for downloads. The ZIP file containing the JS plugin and the Terms of Use files are appended with the current version number. This should make it easier to keep track.

Site Layout

I’m experimenting with the different layouts, so the current one may change later. That said, I’d still like the theme to look and feel like the main RPG Maker Times blog.

Over time, I’ll decide on the final layout.

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